Halloween Horror Nights 2018 just got bigger!

Universal Orlando just announced that they will be adding 10th House in their lineup this year as well they reveal 3 new scare zones and the show that we will be expecting to see at Halloween Horror Nights!  Overall, this year Halloween Horror Nights will be the ’80s Horror Inspired.  Since I was born in the ’80s, I’m actually pretty soaked about this year Halloween Horror Nights as it’s seems the strongest line-up thus far.

As you enter the Halloween Horror Nights, you will have to brave yourself through several scare zones to get to the house(s) you would like to visit.  Universal Orlando Resort just reveal three original scare-zones

“The Harvest” –  An old barn is the hint of every kind of horror with ominous objects and images from each haunted houses, with horror to come.  It’s not abandoned as it seems but before you know it, it’s too late.  Foul creatures lurk within and ready to crops the flesh and screams!  Will you be able to escape the reaping?

“Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve” – Vampires already crashed the party before the countdown to Midnight and the street is running red with blood.  You will got to see what your typical New Year’s Eve Bash but it’s too late.  The feeding frenzy has started!

“Twisted Tradition” – Ancient evil has been awakened in the forest of Central Park.  The abomination of rotting pumpkins fused with human flesh is what Halloween has been transformed into.  Try and escape from these putrid beings with the light from rotting Jack O’ Lanterns.

In addition to the announcement, Academy of Villains will be returning for the third consecutive year.  It is promise to be taken to the next level with all-new shows packed with mind-blowing entertainment.  This will be the new powerhouse show in place of Bill & Ted’s Show.  While many fans will be missing Bill & Ted’s Show, it will be interesting to see how Academy of Villains will be able to redeem the legendary Bill & Ted’s Show in their own form.

Ten haunted houses. Five scare zones. One powerhouse show. What are you waiting for?  Get your tickets now so you can be a part of the biggest nightmare yet.

Source Universal Orlando Resort

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